About Us

Under the arches and through a narrow alley, down a winding old city street and up the steps of Jerusalem stone, you’ll find the Rackovsky home. It’s here that Shoshana finds the inspiration for her works of art, rich with Jewish tradition. In her works, the ideas come to be, in color, gold leaf and detailed paper cuts, on parchment and textured cotton paper. Her art captures the true and secret meanings of the tradition.

In her Ketubot, the document that binds two Jewish souls in marriage, the words are surrounded by images live with expression of joy and meaning. The seven species of the Land of Israel, the Temple and Jerusalem, as well as relevant scripture all come in to play.

The ketubah text is the detailed work of a traditional scribe’s hand, skilled in the ancient art of Jewish scribing.

The rimon, the pomegranate, is one of the Seven Species of the Land of Israel. The fruit is full of jewel-like seeds and is bedecked by a majestic crown. Shoshana's art is a work of love and reflection on Israel's blessing and majesty.